AA Plus GmbH

The AA Plus GmbH trading company dynamically works at the European market more than ten years, is the authorized distributor of the leading producers of coal in Kazakhstan, conducts continuous cooperation with the leading suppliers of coal from Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, the USA.

The philosophy of AA Plus GmbH has always been based on fundamental values such as loyalty and respect for the customer, guarantee of products and services of the highest quality. The main activity is the trade in solid fuels. The company also has a number of outlets in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Cooperation with the client, creativity and extensive knowledge in the field of fuel trading allow the managing group to intensively develop the company and solve the tasks. With the customer-oriented approach to business constantly evolving, AA Plus GmbH does not remain passive in a world of permanent changes in a dynamic market. We are constantly implementing effective concepts that lead to business success. In our work, we use the most reliable information on coal markets and quotations from the most respectable providers – IHS, Global Coal, Platts, Argus, Wood Mackenzie, London Commodity Brokers and are able to find the most profitable coal suppliers in the interests of the client.

Trust, competence and efficiency of the company are confirmed by a wide range of satisfied customers. The company has highly competent, experienced technical and logistics personnel, which allows us to properly fulfill all orders.